Modern Conventional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Naturopathy in Vancouver, WA / Portland, OR

Welcome. All of us here at Rising Health Wellness Center are devoted to offering you individualized, personal treatment in a warm and caring setting. We are also committed to empowering you to become an advocate for yourself and your family through education, classes, events, and our free health newsletter.

Rising Health Wellness Center is located in Vancouver, Washington, serving the communities of southwest Washington and Portland, Oregon. Naturopathic, traditional Chinese, and modern conventional medicine are expertly blended by our board certified physicians. Listening attentively, they are able to treat you appropriately with skill and compassion.

Our dedication to your health includes careful selection of the finest natural supplements. Our Rising Health brand, with formulas developed by Clinic Director, Dr. Daniel I Newman, M.D., N.D., M.S.O.M., are always thoughtfully balanced, and free of excipients (inactive additives), without exception!

We are grateful for the opportunity to offer Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA naturopathic, modern, and Chinese medicine services of the highest caliber; and, we look forward to serving you!


To obtain a CD copy of your medical records, click on the link to the Medical Records Release Authorization Form.

Complete the form in its entirety, including the name of the physician you want it sent to, or your name.

Mail the form to the address on the form along with  $20 for Shipping and Handling.

Checks should be made out to Rising Health. Your CD will be mailed via USPS with Signature Required within a week of receiving your form and payment.

Thank you,
Rising Health
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Natural Supplements developed by Dr. Newman

Our Approach is Different

At Rising Health Wellness Center, we believe that the practice of effective medicine takes time. Our physicians spend adequate time during your visits to evaluate and treat your health problems. And, our staff is available by phone between visits to ensure clarity of communication. We also recognize that no one branch of medicine holds all the answers. That is why when serving Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR, naturopathy, modern conventional medicine, and Chinese medicine approaches are integrated to offer you the best hope for recovery!

Our Services

Rising Health Wellness Center offers a broad range of integrative medicine. Located in Vancouver, WA, naturopathy, modern conventional medicine, and Chinese medicine services are available. These include: acupuncture, Chinese herbs, comprehensive diagnostic medical evaluation, detoxification, dietary counseling, homeopathy, intravenous (I.V.) services, internal medicine, joint and soft tissue manipulation, lifestyle counseling, nutritional supplementation, pain management, wellness optimization, Western herbs, and women's health services.

We have a well stocked dispensary on site to guarantee you access to the finest quality herbs and supplements.


“Thank you so very much! – Words cannot relay my appreciation for the new life you’ve given me via alternative care directions!!!


Walking and using my hands without pain after 7 years!!! 


Thank you for my life back!!!  May God richly and abundantly bless with excellent health and all good things!!”


Rhonda S.

Portland, OR