In Vancouver, WA / Portland, OR:
Modern, Naturopathic, and Chinese Alternative Medicine Services

Our highly trained, board certified doctors offer you a broad range of services at our clinic in Vancouver, WA.  Alternative medicine is our specialty!  Our staff draws upon their training in acupuncture, Western and Chinese herbs, internal medicine, pain medicine, family medicine, women’s health, IV therapy, nutritional counseling, and stress management to provide you the personalized medical care that you deserve. 


Our physicians hold Doctorates of Naturopathic Medicine and Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from accredited schools in Kenmore, WA and Portland, OR.  Chinese medicine and Naturopathic medicine help us offer our patients a broad spectrum of treatments.  Conventional medical treatment is also available, as well as alternative options.  You may be interested to know that Naturopathic Doctors can order the same modern diagnostic testing, treatments, and medications that a conventional MD can, while integrating natural treatments to optimize your health.  The wealth of options we have to offer explains why we have consulted with patients far and wide, as well as those local to Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA.


Chinese medicine treatments available at Rising Health may include acupuncture and Chinese herbs, as well as lesser known traditional treatments such as moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, and dietary therapy. 


Naturopathic medicine utilizes treatments to encourage the body’s healing capacity to eradicate disease and promote optimal wellness.  Naturopathic therapies include dietary & lifestyle counseling, homeopathy, nutritional supplementation, joint and soft tissue manipulation, herbal medicine, and detoxification.    


We have a fully stocked dispensary to afford you ready access to the finest quality supplements and herbs.  And, if you require intravenous nutrients or medications, these can be administered on site by our specially trained Registered Nurses.


We are located just minutes over the I-5 bridge from Portland, OR.  Alternative medicine treatment in a relaxed yet professional setting is now readily accessible from anywhere in the greater VancouverPortland metro area.  We look forward to serving you!