All testimonials are printed verbatim from unsolicited, written comments by actual Rising Health patients:



"Dr. Daniel Newman saved my life. 

I was so sick from Lyme disease that I could barely work, think or do almost anything else.  I saw 35 doctors, and none of them could figure out what was wrong with me.  They were useless.  Dr. Newman was the best -- by far -- of all of them.  He made the right diagnosis, and after a few months of treatment, I am tremendously improved.  I hope to be fully recovered in a few more months. 

Dr. Newman is not only a great doctor, but he is also truly compassionate and has a magnificent sense of humor.  He is a pleasure to work with.  I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Joseph P.
Santa Barbara, CA


"My doctor has performed another amazing feat; I am without lupus symptoms for the first time in over thirty years!


I had made out my will and made preparations for my cremation with my son. At this point my children decided I should see a doctor other than the Primary Care Person I had been seeing. Everything was wrong. My blood was so thick and dark they could hardly draw it for blood tests; I had just had extensive testing for terrible internal pain which moved around on my left side; I could hardly walk five feet without feeling like I was going to faint; and pain in my hip made walking almost impossible, anyway.


In October of 2001, in the Emergency Room of East Moreland Hospital, I met Dr. Daniel Newman. I was experiencing a violent headache, nausea, vomiting and vertigo. His successful (and, to me, amazing) treatment of my condition convinced me that he had a very unusual approach to medicine and was the type of physician I had been seeking. As often happens in life, I didn't follow up on my inclination until a year and a half later when I was in the condition as described in the second paragraph.


At our first meeting in his office he asked me (as I believe he asks most new patients), "What can I do for you?" I replied that I just wanted someone to "be there", meaning I didn't expect to live much longer and I wanted a physician I could trust to be in charge; I gave him a copy of my Living Will. I had had a stroke about eight years before, from which I had seemed to have recovered. However, as the results of records and tests which he requested began to come in, it became clear I had continued to have a series of small strokes.


So, this man completely changed the way I lived my life. At first, I doubted everything he did; however I vowed to follow his instructions to the letter- just on the chance he could actually fulfill the promise he made to restore my health.


He did. I lost forty pounds. I now have more energy and am more active than I have ever been in my life. I have taken computer classes for the last few months and now work with Word and Excel. I love life! And I owe it all to this man whose devotion to his patients is extraordinary, and whose talent and skill are beyond question.


After all he had already accomplished with me, when I began to have a serious lupus event he devised a treatment which began to terminate the symptoms almost immediately. No other doctor had even made a serious effort to treat this condition for me… I am still symptom free. And I shall be eternally grateful!


My eldest son Robert wrote the following observation in his holiday greeting card:


"You really blew everybody away when you came out of old age into middle age; and I was proud of you ~ really proud, but I wasn't ready for your 'triple entente' it was your complete faith in the truth you recognized in Doctor Daniel; and your dedication to the truth you saw. Wish we were all so amazing. I love you, and you remind me so much now of the mother I remember of my childhood."



Lorraine F.
Portland, OR


"I began working with Dr. Newman in June of 2005. The cases that I referred to Dr. Newman have been complex and baffling to numerous other physicians.


In each of the cases that I have referred to Dr. Newman, he has taken an exceptionally careful and thorough history. In each case, he has done a thorough review of records from previous treatments. Since completing my residency at the Oregon Health Sciences University in 1978, I have never met a physician more knowledgeable in human physiology. He is a master of a dying art in American medicine, that is, clinical diagnosis. The combination of these several talents, that is thorough and sensitive history taking, human physiology, and his ability to make clinical diagnoses, allows him to use laboratory tests efficiently in his confirmations of his diagnosis...I have also been quite impressed with Dr. Newman's willingness to search out new information through extensive review of the literature in one particularly unusual case that I referred to him. It is refreshing to find a physician with such outstanding knowledge of medicine who also possesses the energy and is willing to take the time to search out additional information if any aspect of a case as the least bit unclear...Without reservation I can recommend Dr. Newman to you..."



Don W., M.D.
Portland, OR


"Thank you for all your help making my family healthy and strong. Mom is a whole new woman - full of hope for the first time in years."



Megan H.
Brooklyn, N.Y.


"I have never been one to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, especially since I am British - 1st generation! However, it is the anniversary date of my diagnosis and so I celebrate still being here and toughing it out through a very hard year. I can’t thank you enough for your support, wisdom, and breadth of knowledge. I am looking forward to an easier year and more "no news is good news."



Oceana D.
Seattle, WA


"...my daughter…has finally decided to get help and call you for an appointment...It will be completely worth it. I can attest! I feel wonderful. Thank you for all you do for everyone. In gratitude,"



Vivian T.
Tucson, AZ


"Thank you! I feel better. You rock! Your patient,"



Tyler C., age 11
Vancouver, WA


"Thanks so much for all of your help these 4 years. I came into your office dragging, feeling poorly - I leave feeling alive, regenerated, and on a good healthy road.


I have appreciated your knowledge and wisdom as well as your...humor, what a great combination.


With deep gratitude and good wishes for your practice. Namaste,"



Nan C.
Beaver Creek, OR


"An Ode to my Doctor, sweet and dear
Who draws his patients from far and near


Armed with knowledge from so many sources
All the better to diagnose us


His bright, broad smile and such quick wit
Warms our hearts; makes him a hit


He listens carefully to symptoms galore
Our feeble excuses and even more


His mind always races to find the real cause
His questions hone in and give us pause


His fingers type fast to keep up with his brain
Forming steps for us to retain


He skillfully chooses the proper doses,
So we won’t turn ‘comatoses’!...


With love and best wishes,"



Joelle S.
Portland, OR


It was almost 8 years that I went from doctor to doctor telling my story & symptoms. After many exams and blood tests they always came back with, "I can't seem to find anything to explain your symptoms."

Knowing I couldn't tell my story one more time, I remember thinking, "I know something's wrong," and that my symptoms were not normal. I told my husband that since I couldn't get a diagnosis I was just going to accept this as my life, take good care of myself, and figure out how to "live with it."

Through a series of events, and what I call "Divine Intervention," I came across a patient of Dr. Newman. She had had a similar frustrating medical history as I had, and had great success with him.  So I decided to try one last time.

That First appointment seemed so detailed and thorough I hadn't experienced anything quite like it. I remember rattling off symptoms- jumping around all the moments I could recall.  I was thinking, "I wonder if this even makes sense?" Dr. Newman followed me completely.

After some testing, he confirmed his diagnosis. I actually have many things going on, but now I have an answer and am on a journey towards healing. It is such a blessing that some body heard me;  I am on my way and doing so much better today!

I have referred many people to Dr. Newman; he has been able to diagnose all of them.  I believe God gave him a gift and I tell everyone, "If any one can find it- Dr. Newman will find it!!

Once you have a diagnosis, you have a journey... which gives you HOPE and I say if you have hope you have everything.  I call Dr. Newman and his staff "My Healing Family." I am Blessed and Honored to be his patient, and I know my healing is just around the corner.

I thank God I found Dr. Newman!!


Vanvouver, WA

It is so great to have a doc with whom I can talk glycosylation, transcription, and membrane transport.  My biochemist/molecular biologist self is doing a little dance!  Being able to discuss such things with you creates the collegiality I was so hoping to find in a doctor-patient relationship. 

Totally worth the drive up to Vancouver for great medical care!

Portland, OR

After a couple of decades of mixed and miss diagnosis I was having ill feels toward the medical community itself.  That all changed when I found Dr. Newman. 

What a relief to visit a Dr. who took the time to listen, test and to treat what I consider the "whole me".  I have learned so much about my test, supplements, diet and how they have all come together to improve my overall health. 

My only regret is that I hadn't found him a couple decades ago.  No matter your age or health I would suggest establishing a baseline appointment with Dr. Newman of your overall health.  You may be pleasantly surprised of all the real food options available. 

The only thing that hurts now are my cheeks from smiling so much.

Thank you Dr. Newman.

Todd F.
Stevenson, WA

“Thank you for the huge difference you've made in my health over the last few months. I'm feeling much more energetic, motivated, stronger and clear-headed. It is such a gift to feel like I'm finally regaining my health and rebuilding my body after years of feeling bad. I know I still have a ways to go, but I'm tremendously encouraged by my progress.

You remind me of the way doctors used to treat their patients with a thorough, holistic approach. My great-grandmother's father was an MD, as were all of her 7 brothers.  I grew up hearing stories about how they operated as small town doctors who made house calls and treated entire families from birth through death (and were often paid with chickens and produce as they practiced during the Depression). It's wonderful to find a doctor in this day and age who values that kind of treatment and combines it with the best of modern technology.”



Alice G.
Portland, OR

"I will forever be grateful to the Creator for bringing such a Brilliant, Amazing, and Caring Doctor into my life and the city of Vancouver.  I would like to honor you on behalf of myself and all the other patients you tirelessly, meticulously, unstintingly, indefatigably and generously serve."

Lynn R.
Vancouver, WA

“Rachel is a different person since you met her.  She is a lively six year old now who pays attention to what she is experiencing.  Thank you for all the help you gave us.  We are eternally grateful to have her ‘back.’  We will see you all soon, and look forward to your winning smile and encouraging outlook.


With sincere affection,”


Sal A.

Santa Monica, CA

“Thank you.


Rachel A.

Santa Monica, CA

“Thank you for all that you have done, and continue to do for me.  I cannot imagine what my life would now be like without your caring expertise.  I may now carry on my life with relatively little worry of being incapacitated by a faint odor, and live with a level of health that would otherwise be unattainable.  Again, thank you, with every fiber of my being.


David L.

Eugene, OR

Finding My Path to Good Health


In 2006, I began to notice I ended most days oddly achy and tired. I thought it was due to my job and the jostling hour-long bus commutes. I was now in my sixties so there was that as well. Then, a passing comment by a friend and confirmed by my doctor, gave me pause. Could I be allergic to the drug that helps lower my cholesterol? Within days of not taking statins, my joints no longer ached constantly. “If you stop taking them altogether,” my doctor at the time admonished, “you’ll have to make lifestyle changes.”

So I made a few concessions in my diet, tuned up my supplement regimen based on the “latest” recommendations, and hired a personal trainer at Northwest Personal Training. But after a year, my cholesterol numbers weren’t improving and my energy remained at low ebb. It was obvious something was missing.

I had made two common errors – I didn’t have the science to know what my body really needed and I fell prey to popular notions of “good” health. I won’t go into a rant about reductionist science or misleading nutritional guidelines that serve corporate interests. What matters is I found Rising Health and the right advice for me.

Following Dr. Newman’s regimen of targeted supplementation and diet change, I began to feel better almost immediately. In just one year, my cholesterol number has dropped 60 points to 173, testimony to the correctness of the program Dr. Newman has me follow. Results such as this are, in my experience, uncommon in western medicine without prescription drugs.

For me, the bottom line is this: to have a life without health care, I have to care for my health. That might sound grim but it really isn’t when you’re rewarded each day with better strength, stamina, and mental clarity. I call it the best long-term health insurance there is.

Using medical science to understand what your body needs and applying that knowledge simply makes sense. In balance with diet and exercise, Dr. Newman’s treatment has changed my life. Sure I wish I’d known how to be this healthy long ago, but it’s enough to have learned it at all.

Doug H.
Vancouver, WA


Words cannot express the gratitude I have for the exceptional care you have given me.  You have saved my life.  You all have gone above and beyond to make me feel cared for, safe, and important.  I can tell you just how unique and special this is for a doctor office to show this level of care and concern.

Thank you!!

I will be forever grateful.


Erin H.

Portland, OR